© Kung Fu Maintenance Maintenance Buy Now! Chapters   1) Choose Your Weapons                               All about Tools   2) The Right Amount of Force                   Methods and Techniques   3) Know Your Enemies                     Highest potentials for Property Damage   4) Choose Your Battles                       How and  When to Hire for Services   5) Escaping Traps                                 Ins and Outs of Plumbing Repairs   6) Maintaining The Throne                    Ins and Outs of Toilet Repairs   7) Power                                     Mechanics and Methods of Electrical Repairs   8) Dishing It Out                              Ins and Outs of Dishwasher Repairs   9) The Disposer                            Ins and Outs of Garbage Disposal Repairs 10) Awash                                                    Washing Machine Repairs 11) Getting In Range                           Electrical Oven and Range Repairs 12) Making Waves                                          Microwave Repairs 13) Fan Balance                                              Ceiling Fan Repairs 14) Ice Boxing                          Mechanics and Methods of Refrigerator Repair 15) Keeping Cool                  Mechanics and Methods of Air Condition Repairs 16) Raising The Bar                                         Towel Bar Repairs 17) Getting Vertical                                       Vertical Blind Repairs 18) Screenage                                        Window and Patio Screen Repairs 19) Facelifts                                               Cabinet Upgrades and Repairs 20) The Key                                     How to Rekey Locks and Troubleshooting 21) All Arms                                    Mechanics of Security Alarms and Repairs 22) The Code                                   Garage Door Repairs and Troubleshooting 23) Preparation                                                  Preparing for Paint 24) Patching                                    Methods of Drywall Repairs and Texturing 25) Cut and Roll                                                 Painting Methods 26) Details                                              Detail Cleaning Recommendations 27) Balancing Water                   Maintaining Crystal Clear Swimming Pools 28) A Time To Hit First            Preventative Maintenance including Punchlists