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Reclaim Your Domain Maintenance professional gives cost savings tips for home repairs Palm Springs, CA. – In this time of tight budgets and penny pinching for many Americans, learning how to do a costly task yourself can save quite a bit of money, especially during the holiday season. In his new book, Kung Fu Maintenance, James Hudson Klovach guides readers how to make their own home repairs and maintenance. Kung Fu Maintenance is an illustrative guidebook for the do-it-yourselfer wishing to keep up on their home maintenance. It gives a behind the scenes view inside walls and machines to recognize symptoms, diagnose problems, understand how things work and teach how and where to “hit” to keep systems working with the most efficient amount of energy. In his line of work as a Maintenance Supervisor, Klovach sees the large market that is in need of this book every day. He offers his expertise to readers in such areas as tools, plumbing, toilets, electric ranges, alarm systems, dishwashers, disposals, air conditioners, key locks, screens, refrigerators, microwaves, cabinets, and more. He hopes to instill confidence and empower his readers to improve their environment. Klovach states: “I believe most people want to be confident in their ability to defend themselves. They want to have power and ability to improve their environment. Many want to be a benefit to those they love and to feel they have inside knowledge as to how things work. This book gives understanding that inspires confidence in an easy to absorb format.” Maintenance techs, superintendents, managers, home inspectors, appliance installers, roofers, carpenters, cabinet makers, painters, contractors, craftsmen, HVAC techs, home owners, landlords, do it yourselfers, home owners, and even the cable guy will appreciate the fresh delivery style of Kung Fu Maintenance, packing punches in “fix it” style. For more information and tutorial videos visit: About the Author James Hudson Klovach has been a Maintenance Supervisor/Director for over ten years and been authoring words since a young age. He’s an artist, author, inventor, musician, home inspector, Certified Pool Operator, and EPA Certified as a Universal HVAC Technician, The Maintenance Ear discussion web site originator, and aspiring author of future works of Fiction: Pressure Points, The Luthier, and Surgeon Blade. Originally from Sacramento, Calif., James now resides in Palm Springs, CA
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